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Bob The Robber 4

In the Bob The Robber 4 game will again meet the handsome Bob. Bob a little thief through cold, he turned his talents to the profession and the opportunity to help people. Thus, it helped him not go down to the bottom and become a criminal. Even in the opinion of the law, it is still an invader and the police have long wanted to put behind the lock and bomb hero. Bob Robin Hood in the underworld, he fights with mafia clans with their methods and they are better than fair practices. The character set of informants, they reported to him about crooked patterns and Bob managed to warn them vykradyvaya valuable information or objects. This time the hero was a very disturbing letter, it is described in detail that there was a secret laboratory where the evil genius Professor secretly developed the mortal vaccine can destroy humanity for a couple of days under the city. In the Bob The Robber 4 game you have to help Bob to enter multiple levels of underground bunker, carefully check it and steal important documents. Corridors overcrowded follower surveillance cameras, in addition, there is always a big run here other guards, meaning important secrets are held here. Thief must fill a pen knife to open door locks, night vision glasses and other useful for spy gadgets. If you can not avoid a meeting with security guards, attack them from behind and cut down. Collect pieces of recordings professor, do not miss the tips with codes to open the encoded door lock. Bob The Robber 4 - An exciting arcade shooter, you expect a lot of puzzles that must show not only clever, but also agility, diligence, to open locks using main keys. It will not be disappointed the long-awaited continuation of adventure rather robber, but now you can play the game on a tablet or smartphone and find yourself bound in a desktop computer.

Bob The Robber 4


Category: Adventure

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