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Crazy Zombie 9.0

Help the famous Naruto heroes, Crazy Zombie 9.0, Bleach Ichigo, Goku and others to defeat all the zombies that are causing trouble in the city. Use the skills of your favorite hero to hit the Crazy Zombie 9.0 and the big boss to complete the stage. Make your hero accumulate energy to fill the blue bar and use this energy to make special attacks. Go solo or take part in a two-player fight challenge. Your favorite characters from the worlds of anime and video games are about to face an undead army! Join them for an epic fight to the end in this classic-inspired fighting game.

Crazy Zombie 9.0


Category: Fighting

Played 769 times

Tags: None


[Player 1 / Player 2] WASD / Mushrooms: move J / Num1: attack K / Num2: skip L, U, I / 3,4,5: special abilities 0/6: accumulate energy

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