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Riddle Transfer 3

Before you, the exciting Riddle Transfer 3 game, which is a sequel, as you probably guessed, the first part with the same name, where a brave boy decided to break free. So, today you have to play with Phil Egtry, who, as before, knows how to get into trouble, though with good motives. Nevertheless, this does not prevent you from playing, so follow, so that the critical situation does not become even more complicated. You need to help, but do not drive into trouble. In Riddle Transfer 3 you should learn how to prevent accidents. To say the truth, this is quite useful in everyday life skill. Periodically use the hints that will be directed in the right direction then they are there. In captivity, there is little to like, so avoid the little men in black, and try to get out of here. The guy was captivated for no particular reason. It's unfair to hold him somehow longer. The Riddle Transfer 3 game is made as a quest. If you do not have logical thinking, it will be difficult, because the building is made in the form of a labyrinth with various traps and ambushes. To go through them, you need to think carefully about where to go at all, and what to do next. By the way, the decision with the locations was successful, so the game looks more serious. Control is performed by the mouse, as in most similar quests. So get connected, and get your partner out of an unjust captivity.

Riddle Transfer 3


Category: Skill

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